Over 72% of large U.S. based companies reported a cyber incident in 2016. The global cost of cyber crime was 450 billion USD and growing[i].

It’s probable that each of these companies had security measures in place, albeit to varying degrees of maturity.

Vanguard Infrastructures assumes that the backdoor and/or breach has already been implemented in the chipset.

“Using an innovative patented technique we were able to detect and analyse in the first documented case of its kind, a backdoor inserted into the Actel/Microsemi ProASIC3 chips for accessing FPGA configuration.”[ii]

Armed with this knowledge, we enrich audit all logs with an enrichment database from over 700,000 sources (Over 20 billion data points) and behavioral mannerisms to detect where the exfil is going to. We provide political and criminal context for why an entity would want access to your data and help build active defenses against the threat. All of this in addition to our industry leading non-signature based prevention. We secure you both ways.

[i] http://www.hiscox.com/cyber-readiness-report.pdf
[ii] “Breakthrough silicon scanning discovers backdoor in military chip” Sergei Skorobogatov and Christopher Woods   University of Cambridge, Computer Laboratory, Cambridge, UK. http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~sps32/ches2012-backdoor.pdf

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