Vanguard Infrastructures is proud to offer the power, efficiency and accuracy of the Cray URIKA GX to aid your company in executing critical business strategies and tactics that require high-frequency insights and near instantaneous decision making.

The acquisition of big data is no longer a problem. Companies, no matter small, medium or large entities, produce and research data at an astonishing rate. With VI, the Urika GX, big data is tactically offered to decision maker – thereby, providing contextual impact in a flood of data.

About the Cray Urika GX:

  • A converged compute and analytics platform minimizes infrastructure sprawl while retaining full high-availability attributes of HPC, and allows high-performance access to raw high-resolution forecast products.
  • Users can combine big data workloads — from Hadoop and Spark for massive, variable data and iterative demands to complex graph analytics for hard-to-find patterns — to gain breakthrough insights.
  • Cray’s systems expertise — the Aries™ interconnect, a high degree of parallelism, in-memory system and optimized design — ensures blazing fast results.

 Areas where VI can offer Supercomputing as a Service:

  1. Illuminate incoming attacks, lateral movements of threats, detect human anomalous behavior
  2. Pharmaceuticals and drug research
  3. Genomic Sequencing
  4. Disease Research
  5. Weather forecasting and Climate research
  6. Social Network analysis to identify the emergence and subsidence of opinions and leaders
  7. Risk and other Financial Analysis
  8. Providing Contextual Impact of seemingly unrelated global events
  9. Field asset failure prediction and seismic modeling in the oil and gas industry
  10. Detecting potential failure in telemetry data from various modes of transportation
  11. Conduct digital simulations in performance and safety for the automotive and aerospace industry

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