With over 150 years of combined experience in identifying and protecting organizations from cyber threats, our team is bridging the gap to a new age of enterprise, financial and government security.

Troy Cooper

Co-Founder & CEO

Mr. Cooper brings extensive strategic relationship expertise, operational management and technology product development to Vanguard Infrastructures. An industry veteran, entering into technology in 1983, he has led strategic developments in many high growth verticals both domestically and internationally throughout North America, Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East. In these areas he has created strong opportunities and growth in the convergence of new technologies for distributed computing, big data, cloud computing and supercomputing. His ability to see and create strategic alliance partnerships in emerging technologies has set him apart from many in technology today. Mr. Cooper was in the cloud before cloud was a name helping enterprises manage their infrastructures and reduce costs especially as it relates to providing robust security across distributed hosted platforms.

His successes include setting up national and international strategic partnerships with Fortune 500 companies including Maxtor, Western Digital and Seagate to name a few. His efforts in the past have been formally recognized when he was nominated for the Inc. magazine, Ernst & Young and Merrill Lynch Entrepreneur of the year award in 1995. Mr. Cooper has led, information technology application development, change management and business integration for clients which include Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, MSAS Global Logistics, (now DHL), MBNA Hallmark Financial Services, Pioneer Natural Resources and numerous other industry vertical leaders.

Vijay Richard

Co-Founder & EVP

Vijay Richard has over thirteen (13) years of experience building cyber security solutions for economic and government sectors including banking, port authorities, oil/gas companies, the insurance risk industry, law firms and information technology companies.

With extensive knowledge around cyber security and data analysis, Vijay works to uncover the novel ways in which hostile actors exfiltrate data. His knowledge around linguistic analysis and security graph analytics has put him a the forefront of predictive security, preventing data exfiltration from nation-state and cyber terrorist threats.

Thomas Redmond

Chief Financial Officer

After graduating from Wharton, Thomas started his career as an investment banker in the media and communications industry in New York, and has held senior positions in business development and finance in several media and communications companies, including as the CFO of an optical networking company in 2000. Thomas has also founded and been involved with several start-up ventures both in the US and overseas, both as a venture capitalist, including a stint at Lucent Technologies New Ventures Group, and as an entrepreneur

Thomas is a veteran dealmaker with more than 40 closed venture capital and investment banking transactions in his career. Thomas began working in the cloud infrastructure industry in 2013.

Ann-Margaret Hinkle

Chief Investigator

With over 32 years of experience in law enforcement and 26 years in the FBI, Ann Hinkle understands the anatomy of a threat. Bringing extensive counterintelligence experience to the table, Ann has spent her life protecting organizations against espionage, sabotage, and data exfiltration conducted for or on the behalf of foreign powers, international terrorists and individual threat actors.

Ann also spent time in the FBI investigating violent crime, giving her the foresight needed to understand when, why and how perpetrators carry out their malicious behaviors. Ann also understands the best practices behind building a comprehensive security team, building InfoSec personnel, documents and communications security programs.

Mark Almeida-Cardy

Chief Technology Officer

Mark Almeida-Cardy, CTO of Vanguard Infrastructures, is a seasoned expert in creating and combining desperate technology components to work together forming the optimum solution to deliver on opportunities. Mark brings to Vanguard over two decades of superior success in pioneering ground-breaking cloud-based technology solutions combing complex compute, storage and networking security along with the ability to blend applications required to meet demanding customer requirements. He is considered an industry leader, founded in his early development of multi-tenancy cloud environments while authoring modernization initiatives and positioning cloud-enabled technologies to drive growth!

Mark, over his career, has managed many key strategic partnerships spanning across several continents and multiple data centers while advancing enterprise-wide goals through proficient infrastructure planning. He is a driven leader with a pragmatic approach to managing multiple project teams and is consistently delivering solutions far ahead of the competition.

Mike Towery

Chief Data Scientist

Mike has over 35 years data processing experience in all phases of system development on a wide range of hardware, operating systems and enterprise-wide databases. My management background includes a position as the Vice President and Director of a Bank and the IT director of a Refinery, and President at KnightWorks Consulting and Learning Hall. I participated in the performance testing for a number of Oracle’s largest and most challenging database implementations. My teaching experience at Southern Methodist University makes it possible to clearly communicate concepts to clients.

Specialties: Big Data, Machine Learning, Software Development, Cloud Hosting, Security, and Oracle.

Dean Grant

Director of Infrastructure

Dean Grant, Director of Infrastructure at Vanguard brings over seventeen years of experience in the field of system engineering focused on designing and managing complex systems over their life cycles. His ability to understand how to implement code to advance complex operational applications is second to none.

Over his career, Dean has been responsible for designing and deploying cloud-based hardened systems that operating with scalability and speed, in areas such as big data analytics, information retrieval, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, distributed computing, networking and security among others.

With extensive strategic and tactical knowledge in the declarative, imperative and intelligent process of managing highly advanced kernel based provisioning within a distributed multi-tenet infrastructure, he is an advocate for promoting added value through cost reduction, faster execution, high availability and reduced risk. Dean’s work combines development and operations and helps drive an efficient work culture with the customers' goals as a priority at Vanguard.