Artificially Intelligent Data Protection
Running at Supercomputer Speeds.

Vanguard Infrastructures | Wraith Intelligence Platform

Wraith Intelligence combines machine learning and AI services within a single platform to detect insider threats and create strategic cyber based deception capabilities. Vanguard Infrastructures assumes that an inherent backdoor already exists within the chipset. The Wraith Security Suite has been designed to hunt down threats in your system with advanced threat intelligence that can understand vulnerabilities and protect you from security breach.

Outsmart Cyber Criminals

Weave a web of deception that baits attackers into a trap; keeping threats out of your network and building real-time threat intelligence to repel the next attacker.

Protect Your Assets

Monitor and protect your company's "crown jewels" with in-depth network intelligence that provides actionable insights to strengthen policies and prevent data exfiltration.

Lower Security Costs

Cyber crime costs large organizations up to $15 M annually. Wraith Security can be deployed as a cloud service or on premise to reduce TCO and lower the cost of cyber crime.

Prevent Breach & Intrusion

Empower your NOC with advanced machine learning methods and security analytics to detect and protect against the ever-evolving tactics of the adversary.


"More than half of firms have experienced an attack in the past year and two in five have had to deal with two or more. Larger companies, particularly those in the US, are targeted most often."

-Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report 2017

We craft security solutions that protect world-class organizations.

Vanguard security solutions protect your business from the crippling effect that data breach and intrusions can have on your livelihood and reputation. 

The Wraith Security Suite provides outside of the perimeter defenses that include endpoint protection, deception on demand and advanced threat intelligence.

Enhance and promote your insider threat program with machine learning powered network analysis that finds new and pre-existing insider threats.

Deep data analytics and sentiment analysis powered by supercomputers uncovers threats your business you didn't know were there.

Wraith Intelligence Highlights

Deception on Demand

Deception technology detects, analyzes and defends against zero-day and advanced attacks with real time breach detection and immediate threat response.

Insider Threat Detection

Powerful artificial intelligence and dynamic behavioral benchmarking discovers both human and machine threats from within the network.

Knowledge Encryption

Encryption enhances data protection in transit and at rest using zero-knowledge technology to keep your files and information safe from outsiders or insiders.

Threat Intelligence

Big data insights enrich access logs with billions of documents and data endpoints to understand anomalies, patterns and evaluate threats.

End Point Protection

Network mapping detects paths available to an inside-the-network attack and provides actionable insights to prevent them.

Signature-Free Security

Uncover the advanced and increasingly sophisticated cybercriminal techniques that threaten your organization.

Data Driven Security with Actionable Threat Intelligence

Armed with paradigm shifting security measures, we use big data insights and supercomputer powered processing to relentlessly audit and enrich all logs with a database of over 700,000 sources (over 20 billion data points) and behavioral mannerisms to detect anomalies, patterns, and evaluate threats.

The Art of Intelligent Cybersecurity

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Benchmark Behaviors

Develop baseline of individual’s network/online behavioral patterns and place them into cohorts to define normalcy and evaluate ThreatScore based on deviations.

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Analyze Threats

Analysis of your network and enterprise security methodology reveals compromised accounts, rogue employees/machines, stolen credentials and APTs.

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Understand Attack Intent

Honeypot and deception technologies provide political and criminal context as well as the motive for the intrusion into your network. Helps build active defenses against threats in real time.

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Detect Insider Threats

Machine learning outsmarts and outpaces cyber threats, by building active defenses as well as detecting and neutralizing threats before they can make an impact.

Build an Impenetrable Business

The Wraith Security Suite is eliveredas a cloud service or as an on-premise appliance to meet all of your hybridity and security needs. Put a stop to data breach and exfiltrations before they happen.