Advanced Threat Intelligence to Discover Human
and Machine Threats from Within Your Network.

Prevent Catastrophic Loss from the Inside-Out

Whether malicious or careless, 45% of all cyber-attacks are carried out by insiders. That's why we combine powerful artificial intelligence, machine-learning, and dynamic behavioral benchmarking, enriched with 1000s of mannerisms, to uncover threats where you are most vulnerable - inside the network.

Detect Malicious Behavior

Wraith Investigations can uncover even the most subtlest attacks on the network. Machine learning and advanced data analytics are combined to discover both human and machine threats, generating alerts for your designated security administrators at the first sign of malicious behavior so they can take immediate action.

Discover Pre-Existing Threats

Unlike traditional security methods that use historical data to detect anomalous behavior patterns that are present today, Wraith Investigations compares current behavior to the behaviors in the cohort group. This allows us to uncover pre-existing threats within the network and go beyond the baseline.

Protect from the Unknown

Signature-based security tactics can only protect your business from known threats, but threat actors are constantly evolving. Wraith Investigations can uncover new and modified attacks, without rules or signatures, protecting your business from the unknown outliers that may cause catastrophic damage.

Wraith Investigations | Feature Spotlight:

Easy Installation: Cloud or On Premises

Easily installed in your data center or through a cloud appliance, Wraith Investigations can be installed on your network within two hours - offering you instant protection and monitoring from insider threats.

Deep Behavior Analytics

Distributed sensors monitor all incoming & outgoing network traffic to establish behavior profiles for all individuals and devices - placing them into cohort groups to monitor for anomalous behavior.

Advanced Signature-Less Security

Detect and analyze known, unknown and modified attacks from inside the network perimeter before they become a problem at a higher accuracy than traditional security methods (low false positives).

Passive Network & Packet Monitoring

Passive monitoring detects paths available to an inside-the-network attack and provides actionable insights to security administrators. This non-intrusive solution respects employee privacy by monitoring how network resources are used, rather than prying into what employees are writing in documents, emails or chat.

Data Driven Security with Actionable Threat Intelligence

Armed with big data insights, we audit and enrich all logs utilizing a database with over 700,000 sources (over 20 billion data points) and behavioral mannerisms to detect where the exfiltration is going. We provide political and criminal context explaining why an entity would want access to your data and help build active defenses against the threat. All of this in addition to our industry leading non-signature based prevention. We protect you from the inside-out.

Insider Threat Detection for Hybrid Environments

Deploy the same advanced threat detection capability to your network with or without the hardware. Check out our annual cloud subscriptions below or get started with Vanguard’s on premises security infrastructure solutions.


< 1000 Entities

Protection for Small Businesses

Peace of Mind Security Essentials


< 10,000 Entities

Corporate Protection

Multi-Site Security


10,000+ Entities

Federated Protection

Global Multi-Site and High Traffic Security

We Protect You Both Ways

The Wraith Intelligence Platform is a comprehensive set of solutions that provide enterprise-level data protection at scale. From insider threat protection to outside of the permitter defenses, we make sure you're protected from end-to-end.