Gather, Group and Analyze Big Data
Sets to Uncover Security Threats

Understand the Complexities of Human Behaviors

Creating valuable insights by analyzing and cross-referencing data sets use to take a lot of work. Wraith Data takes the manual labor out of data analysis by gathering your data and combining it with our security graph analytics engine to extract value. Powered by the Cray Supercomputers, Wraith Data helps you understand and react to evolving security threats by enriching raw logs with billions of cyber-related data points to provide NOC analysts with non-signature based detection on the exfiltration and exploitation of a company’s intellectual property.

Gather Meaningful Data Sets

Wraith Data provides data-as-a-service that helps prepare large data sets for streamlined analysis. By gathering and scanning your data, and applying machine learning to evolving data sets, we can create meaningful insights that helps to detect and respond to malware, phishing, and other security threats.

Develop Deep Analytics

Utilizing security graph analytics, powered by the Cray Graph Engine, we can determine patterns that illuminate nefarious or illicit behavior. Billions of cyber-related data points are combined with your own to provide meaningful security analysis and non-signature based protection to strengthen cyber defense.

Understand Malicious Behavior

Relational databases fail to take analysts further in their investigations since detection relies on establishing edges. Wraith Data uncovers advanced threats with technology that understands the complexities of human interactions with machines to improve investigations and speed up response.

Big Security Insights from Big Data

With security teams up against a constant flood of incoming risk and growing complexities, Vanguard Infrastructures helps to provide meaning to raw data. This meaning provides your InfoSec team the data-driven security they need to stay on top of the evolving cyber security landscape.