Perimeter Defense that Prevents
Breaches and Deceives Attackers

Protect Intellectual Property with Artificial Intelligence

With over 72% of large organizations experiencing cyber threats in 2017, Wraith Security is your one-stop shop for perimeter cyber defense. From deception technology to endpoint protection, the Wraith Security Suite is a comprehensive, end to end security solution that aids security teams to better understand, mitigate and prevent cybersecurity threats. Utilizing the most advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, Wraith Security shields enterprise organizations from the devastating effect of data breach.

Protect Your Endpoints

As your first line of defense from the outside world, endpoint security goes beyond antivirus to not only detect, but also to prevent the execution of malware. Protect the integrity of your endpoints further with at-rest and in-flight data encryption that keeps your data compliant and out of the hands of threat actors.

Detect Threats Early

We never underestimate the power of threat intelligence. By enriching and cross-referencing your own logs with billions of data points and behavioral mannerisms, we can deliver enterprise-wide visibility, awareness and early detection capabilities - delivering insights that keeps your organization safe from attacks.

Deceive Attackers

Advanced honeypot and deception capabilities find the needle in the haystack, helping to uncover data breach faster and with more accuracy than ever before. Wraith deception techniques provide tactical protection against data breach, but also unlock deep intelligence gathering for strategic advantage against future attacks.

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Deception on Demand

Comprehensive network and endpoint-based deceptio lures attackers into a trap by baiting them with fake credentials, ransomeware bait and more. These traps force attackers to reveal themselves, and their intent, before they become an issue. Continuous threat management capabilities provide deep forensic reporting and attack analysis to enable immediate response.

Knowledge Encryption

Encryption for servers, applications and data enhances protection in an evolving cyber security landscape. With encryption at rest and in transit, sensitive files and information remain safe from the prying eyes of attackers and malicious machines.

Signature-Less End Point Protection

Detect and prevent malware from executing on your endpoints in real-time with machine learning and artificial intelligence that outsmarts cyber attacks. Utilizing signature-less security, we render new malware, viruses, bots, and unknown future variants useless.

Threat Intelligence

Wraith Threat Intelligence integrates with SIEM and other log sources, maintaining a year or more of historical visibility without duplicating logs. This historical data is continuously correlated against new and existing threat intelligence to uncover evidence of breaches and elevate threat response.

A Human Approach to Machine Scale

Wraith Security combines supercomputer processing, machine learning and over 200 years of security expertise to outpace and outsmart cyber threats. We detect and prevent cyber threats with the efficiency and accuracy no other cyber security technology can provide at scale.

Your Frontline Defense Against Security Threats

Arm yourself with industry leading non-signature based prevention that secures data and builds active defenses against cyber threats.

With 256-bits of AES encryption (and beyond), we ensure sensitive information stays out of the hands of hackers and within compliancy - providing extra protection for on-premise, cloud and virtualized infrastructure.

Artificial intelligence monitors for ransomware, malware and even malicious documents on endpoint devices, snuffing out advanced threats that traditional antivirus can't track down - preventing 99% of malicious software before it can execute.

Advanced threat intelligence can detect new and existing threats to your security by continuously monitoring network traffic and analyzing historical data -catching threats and uncovering weakness before they are exploited.

Deception technology confuses and misdirects attackers, placing them in a false network that appears to be real. This process forces attackers to reveal themselves, providing forensic evidence on what they were trying to steal and how they got into the network.

We Protect You Both Ways

The Wraith Intelligence Platform is a comprehensive set of solutions that provide enterprise-level data protection at scale. From insider threat protection to outside of the permitter defenses, we make sure you're protected from end-to-end.